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Two guitar manufacturers inextricably linked. Back in the 60s as music and instrument manufacturers were finding their feet, Epiphone and Gibson were in direct competition with each other. It was a strange relationship. Owned by the same parent holding company, CMI, they were housed in separate locations with their own company structures. The guitars they produced unsurprisingly similar but in competition with each other. Epiphone was considered by many, inferior to Gibson but there were times when the so-called underdog produced better quality as in the Epiphone Casino, a far better looking and playing guitar than its rival at the time the Gibson ES Illustrious company indeed.

In time though. Gibson being made in the US and Epiphone overseas added a certain stigma, unfounded as it was, to the Epiphone name. Today Epiphone have developed a reputation for making great guitars, and that reputation is growing. At the forefront of this manufacturing, renaissance is the Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Now recognized as being something special in its own right, it is worth having a closer look to see what makes this particular instrument a real alternative to its Gibson counterpart.

This is because this is no copy. It is well made using good quality materials. Made at the Epiphone factory in China, it has a solid body made from mahogany with a maple veneer top and a mahogany neck with the standard rosewood fingerboard.

No sacrificing quality in the essentials. Humbuckers of course. How could it be anything else? Two of them, one at the neck and one at the bridge. Alnico classics provide the noise. We mentioned before that it is quite heavy and it is. The Epiphone feels good in the hands. Close your eyes, and you could only be playing one thing.

Close your eyes, and it might be hard to decide, Epiphone or Gibson. The controls are tight and accurate with the standard volume and tone control for each pickup and of course, a three-way toggle switch.

It feels right, but there is perhaps a more important issue. How can we put this?. Pretty damn good.This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.

It looks like you're using an Ad Blocker. Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. Thank you. Some features of ATS will be disabled while you continue to use an ad-blocker. Tie No Bows! I am a short rse,so I have visions of Steve Marriot with his little legs sticking out the bottom, the epiphone looks a little smaller. Im NO great player, its a kinda 'bucket 'list' treat if you like, a one offand I dontwant to screw it up.

I own an Epiphone ATm and I love them.

Epiphone ES-175 Premium Vintage Sunburst

Epiphone is actually owned by Gibson guitars so you know you are getting quality with an Epi. Have you played them? How it feels is the most important part.

Lets just say Craigslist The EPI sounds a little darker, which I happen to like, pups can be changed not mention effects pedals to make things brighter.

epiphone forum

Theres also the issue of Bigsbys pushing the guitar out of tune, I dare say there are other hacks for each. An Epiphone Casino Stop by a store and try them out. You can mostly shape your tone from your amp, I wouldn't worry about that too much. I would go to a guitar store and try them out and then get the one you like better from craigslist.

Either way, I hope you enjoy what you get and keep playing!

If Epiphone put Gibson-shaped headstocks on their guitars

I'm a little biased, but I'd say go for the Epiphone. My first guitar back in was an Epiphone and I loved it. I gave it to my little brother to learn on after I bought a Les Paul and he ended up butchering it to use the neck on a body he madeDiscussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by sorenspeteJun 21, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. If Epiphone put Gibson-shaped headstocks on their guitars Discussion in ' Guitars in General ' started by sorenspeteJun 21, Tags: epiphone gibson headstock.

Would you prefer Epiphone or Gibson headstocks on Epiphone guitars? Jun 21, 1. Messages: I'm certain this has been discussed on many a forum, but I'm fascinated by the idea. I've never liked Epiphone headstocks, and I can only imagine that a lot of other people would prefer Gibson headstocks too, so why exactly do Epiphone insist on using Epiphone-style headstocks?

I would own a bunch of Epiphones if they had nice Gibson headstocks. Destroy me with facts? Jun 21, 2. Messages: 1, FennRxJun 21, Don Amatthewkkennedymanishthapa and 7 others like this. Jun 21, 3. Jun 21, 4. Gibson knows what they're doing.

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The different headstock is one of the things that keep Epiphone as the "lesser" of the two brands. Want the Gibson headstock shape? You're gonna have to pay Gibson prices.

Jun 21, 5. I think because most Epiphones are Gibson designs, the Epiphone headstock is the one out-of-place thing that you notice.By navigate40January 16 in Epiphone Acoustics. Are there any details? Woods, price, availability? THAT would have been a great addition to my collection.

Hoping the new Texan will add something. Cannot seem to find many used ones. WOW, just saw this info on the Epi web site. Have to say For that kind of money, I would rather get a J Could get a J15 and a second guitar. Saw that Epi now has a Masterbilt Texan Good move. THAT could be worth it Do not like that at all I am sorry to be so negative. But, since it is an in the sound hole package Epi had a lot to chose from, and now But, glad to see that their LP models are finally getting ultra modern weight relief.

Website needs a little work. The Texan essentially IS a long scale J the J is short scalethough with different cosmetics and likely a slimmer neck profile.

I would be surprised if a US made version with a gloss nitro finish would be any less expensive than a Gibson J, given they are so similar.

The Masterbilt version or the current Peter Frampton would be a good option if that price doesn't seem agreeable, though.By Danny Trent Electric Guitars. Last Updated on April 12th, No more than Gibson, Epiphone has a large — probably larger than necessary — range of variants of the Les Paul.

The most core of core features of any Epiphone Les Paul, is the combination of a solid mahogany body with a maple top, and a couple of humbuckers. That is the heart and soul of its parts and construction.

Just think of the list of players associated with Les Paul! Still, the Epi weighs in at a tidy 8. Out of the box, everything smells and shines like it should. On this Standard, everything is. The machineheads come courtesy of Grover — a well-respected name for the job. Apart from that, the rest of the hardware is unbranded.

One thing that pushes the price of this Les Paul compared to other guitars aimed at intermediate players, is the use of parallelograms for the fingerboard inlays, rather than plain old dots. This is something that requires a little extra craftsmanship, and, to be fair, they look the business. There are no blemishes or dings in the finish, or along the binding, anywhere in the review model.

The frets are even and perfectly embedded in the rosewood fingerboard, as are the parallelogram inlays.

epiphone forum

The Grover machineheads are sitting even and sturdy, looking confidently ready to do their job. Running the Standard through a clean channel, that bridge humbucker gives a nice bright, but not piercing tone. Depending on your amp, if you want to push it a little bit, cranking the volume on the amp, until it breaks just slightly, you should start to hear the beginnings of a nice, Clapton-esque blues crunch.

You might need to roll the volume off your guitar to balance it out. Getting that gain up to six, and your squarely in classic, blues-based rock, and this is where the functionality of the Les Paul peaks.

As a general guide: neck pickup for ballsy riffs, both pickups for a steady middle ground rhythm, and down to the bridge pickup should a solo be required. The aesthetics and construction of this guitar are enough to inspire any beginner to start looking at upgrading. The Les Paul shape is probably one of the most inspirational read: copied guitar body shapes in history, so alternatives are not difficult to round up.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether you want a cheap Gibson, or an expensive Epiphone. This is a no-frills affair, with the embellishment really just the range and brightness of the finishes.

The lower horn includes some contouring to allow for more comfortable access to the higher frets. Apart from the stylistic differences mentioned, the electronics has an identical approach to the Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul models.

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For something a little different, but in the same vein — perhaps leaning a bit more towards metal — the longstanding and very respectable ESP have the EC Eclipse model link to website from their LTD range.

This one is probably closer to the Gibson, in that the body is a slab of mahogany. What might lean it towards metal brothers and sisters are the inclusion of EMG active pickups.

It has binding around the body and mahogany neck, its hardware is black, and the inlays on the fingerboard are reminiscent of a waving flag. Yes, of course. The Epiphone is owned by Gibson, so the guitars are virtually the same same mahogany body, solid maple top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fretshowever, they are manufactured in a different place. This depends on the place of purchase. If you buy it from a music store you might be able to make a deal with the seller to get an extra accessory for the guitar, otherwise, it does not come with a case or picks.

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Advanced Search. Had to try one New Electronics in my ES Opinion on current production Sheraton IIs.? Can a Schaller roller bridge be installed on a G? Which Epihone is this?? Or is it a custom Gibson or something??? Help me ID this old Epiphone? Epi LP neck issue question - rising fretboard end? Which Epi LP would you suggest? Epi Sheraton IIs - are they all the same?

Surprise NGD! Help with coil splitting on a SG!! Epiphone EJ? Last Jump to page:. Forum Information and Options. Thread Display Options. Show threads from the Order threads inAny review of a jumbo-sized Epiphone guitar is inevitably going to draw comparisons to the legendary Gibson SJ It has to.

The Gibson J is the king of the flat top guitars and an instrument virtually every acoustic guitarist would love to have in their collection. However, a lot more of us can afford an Epiphone. For those of us chasing a full, warm, and rich jumbo sound, but on a budget, the Epiphone is a great alternative. Think if of a dreadnought but bigger again. This is a very well made and well-finished guitar manufactured in Korea.

It has a solid spruce top and a laminate maple body. This is a flat-topped guitar, and unlike its expensive counterpart, it features non-scalloped bracing. The natural-finished version of this guitar does look a little light when combined with such a large body. But the good news is that after only a year or so, the wood will begin to naturally darken. The neck joins the body at the 14 fret and has a scale length of The nut and bridge are made from tusq.

epiphone forum

It really spoils the otherwise beautiful aesthetic of the guitar — bad idea. The guitar has gold-plated Grover Rotomatic tuners. You should, however, expect the plating to start to slowly wear off after the first two or three years.

Depending on your viewpoint, this might be either a positive or a negative — we kind of like it. This is an electro-acoustic guitar with the preamp requiring two lithium batteries instead of the usual ubiquitous 9V batteries. So, the good news is your guitar will now only weigh as much as a boat. Always a spare one in an unused pedal somewhere. Now admittedly, there is a low battery indicator on the control panel, and you should pay attention to it. In theory, a least. However, unfortunately, it appears that there are some guitars that have had an issue with not disengaging the power once the tuner is turned off.

Consequently, once you come to play your guitar again, the batteries are dead. Again, hardly surprising. But the cool thing is the trebles are also strong enough to cut through.

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