Earthing boss drawing

To connect the metallic conductive Parts of an Electric appliance or installations to the earth ground is called Earthing or Grounding.


In other words, to connect the metallic parts of electric machinery and devices to the earth plate or earth electrode which is buried in the moisture earth through a thick conductor wire which has very low resistance for safety purpose is known as Earthing or grounding.

To earth or earthing rather, means to connect the part of electrical apparatus such as metallic covering of metals, earth terminal of socket cables, stay wires that do not carry current to the earth. Earthing can be said as the connection of the neutral point of a power supply system to the earth so as to avoid or minimize danger during discharge of electrical energy.

Good to know. Let me clear the confusion among earthing, grounding and bonding. Earthing and Grounding are the same terms used for earthing. The word Bonding used for jointing two wires as well as conductors, pipes or appliances together.

Bonding is known as connecting the metallic parts of different machines which is not considered to be carrying electric current during normal operation of the machines to bring them at the same level of electric potential. The primary purpose of earthing is to avoid or minimize the danger of electrocution, fire due to earth leakage of current through undesired path and to ensure that the potential of a current carrying conductor does not rise with respect to the earth than its designed insulation.

When the metallic part of electrical appliances parts that can conduct or allow passage of electric current comes in contact with a live wire, maybe due to failure of installations or failure in cable insulationthe metal become charged and static charge accumulates on it.

If a person touches such a charged metalthe result is a severe shock. To avoid such instances, the power supply systems and parts of appliances have to be earthed so as to transfer the charge directly to the earth.

This is why we need Electrical Earthing or Grounding in electrical installation systems. Below are the basic needs of Earthing. Earthing is not done anyhow. A complete electrical earthing system consists on the following basic components. That part of the earthing system which interconnects the overall metallic parts of electrical installation e. The resistance of the earth continuity conductor is very low. Size of the Earth Continuity Conductor or Earth Wire depends on the cable size used in the wiring circuit.November 27, Comments.

The main reason for doing earthing in electrical network is for the safety. When all metallic parts in electrical equipments are grounded then if the insulation inside the equipments fails there are no dangerous voltages present in the equipment case. If the live wire touches the grounded case then the circuit is effectively shorted and fuse will immediately blow. When the fuse is blown then the dangerous voltages are away.

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earthing boss drawing

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Nice to see u r aticle, its great and useful to other electrical engineers for their reference, i need to share and learn about the following points. Electrical clearance and creepage distance for air and oil medium, wat would be the minimum clearances required between two phase contacts and phase to earth clearance and phase to phase clearance inside the oil medium transformer oil and also outdoor with reference to study.

It is utilised by them as by converting into another form of energy or when earthed it will be nuetralised by earth potential as earth is always at zero potential. Why the Copper plate earth pit needed for neutral Earthing and G. I pipe earth pit needed for Body earthing? Sir, I have a small doubt regarding earthing of power transformer neutral.

Please reply thanks. Thanku very much Jignesh for of the share your experiance with us and we pray for you regarding u will share your expiriance with us and u go always boss. I live in chennai in an apt where there are 11 flats and a transformer 3 phase, 1 neutral grounded inside the premises supplied by the electricity board. The local EB staff came and have strengthened the earthing on the transformer side. They have also connected the neutral in the DB box of the transformer to the earth pit.

On our side i. Pls confirm whether the advise is ok; specifically can we also ground the neutral on our distribution panel. Thank you. Please concern Local authority for such type of connection. We have a dedicated 3-phase, 4-wire KVA transformer.View Sub Products. Contact us. Get quote. Stainless steel earth boss manufactured from marine grade type SSL can be be produced for corrosive applications in offshore applications including wind turbine base foundations where sea water splash, submersion and general exposure would cause rusting and oxidisation of standard mild steel type bosses.

Where earth connection points are required in concrete structures and welding earth bosses is not a viable option then earth bonding points manufactured from Gunmetal can be installed. Earth bosses can be produced as standard in a range of dimensions and also customised to client specification and requirement — standard thread size is M Mild steel and stainless steel material available.

earthing boss drawing

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earthing boss drawing

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earthing boss drawing

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